Visit Bollowal Farm

The farm runs a herd of pedigree Devon cattle most of which are sold for breeding. Other enterprises are barley for bedding and feed for the cattle.

Bollowal consists of six holdings between cape Cornwall and Nanquidno. The farms are all in an Area of Natural Beauty and three in a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme. This is a project specifically designed to promote the breeding and welfare of the Cornish Chough. Low use of fertiliser and spray and over winter stubble form a major part of this.

The 320 acre holdings are mainly grade 2-3 land, mostly light black soil over granite. There is some stronger soil over kellous slate. The management of Bollowal Farm is based on profitability and conservation, long rotations, permanent pasture, reduced fertiliser and spray use.

We have a small conservation grazing scheme run on Chapel Carn Brea. This is an ancient site, full of historic and natural interest. Reduction of invasive species such as Bracken and Western Gorse is practised. Pioneer Heather and wild flower species are promoted by grazing with a small group of Heritage Dartmoor ponies.

We Welcome Visitors

Bollowal Heritage Ponies
Whether you are interested in viewing or purchasing Pedigree Red Ruby Devon stock, finding out more about the HLS, the Choughs or the Heritage ponies we would be pleased to welcome you.

We can accommodate group visits of up to 30 people. Group leaders can get in touch by clicking here.